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tv   Stossel  FOX News  October 29, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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riptions when you're in the doughnut hole it's part of the healthcare law. so it's te to look, compare... and choose the right plan for you. learn more at 1-800-medicare or right now. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> kimberly: hello, everyone. it's 5:00 on the east coast and this is "the five." i'm be bob beckel, eric bolling, dana perino and greg ght, pdent oma tonight, president obama has lobbyists out of the campaign and the white house. but guess who is playing a huge role in his re-election bid? oh, yeah, that's right. herman cain surges to the top of the g.o.p. presidential race in the blink of an eye. but now, his campaign is talking about slowing him down. is that bizarre? figure it out and report of a campaign in chaos have
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anything to do with it? hmm. plus, the fight to have christian symbols removed at a private catholic university. all to accommodate muslim students. what is the story there? "the five" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> kimberly: first, update related to solyndra story. >> ♪ solyndra >> kimberly: there you go. the white house is ordering an independent review in the condition of other federal loan guarantees. this is in the wick of failed half a billion dollar loan. this isn't an investigation in solyndra, itself, but to future energy loans coming up as well. >> dana: i think this proves that the white house is watching "the five." because from the beginning, one of the things i suggested was they should get somebody to do an independent review. it doesn't have to be prosecutorial. it could be somebody from another agent that is independent. this is more serious than they
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wanted or thought. the words will come back to haunt them. they said anything after. solyndra is the first loans, so it's all the ones after. solyndra has six independent investigations going. including the f.b.i. it won't be over until the f.b.i. >> greg: i can't wait until 20 years from now when you run into young women and the names are solyndra. >> dana: the most popular name. >> greg: no one will know why. where did that come from? >> eric: the guys will be fisker. >> greg: amazing. tesla is a great name for a boy. >> eric: now they're now -- the committee is trying -- stern, the committee is trying to get -- this is important. obama's blackberry, he wants all the messages on there, pushing back from the white house, but this is a huge, huge issue. we're going to find out more about that. >> greg: you must be excited. how will you sleep tonight?
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>> kimberly: something about the review of the energy department loans. that is interesting and significant. you decide. herb allison who oversaw tarp will be the individual in charge of the oversight. we remember tarp being the financial disaster that it was. >> dana: actually, it was -- >> bob: give tarp a break. it did work. i want to congratulate dana for her consistent, persistent call for an investigation in to the loans. i also, the reason they don't do solyndra is it's already being investigated. actually a prosecutorial fashion. it is a good idea. i held back for a long time. i confess now that it look like it's worthwhile to have an investigation. i'm glad they'll do it and hopefully get it done as quickly as they can so it's not part of the campaign as far as 2012. eric will keep it going to 2020.
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>> dana: one final point on that point, 2012. the white house needs a fall back. preferably not one running for president. unfortunately, someone in the halls of d.o.e. thinks i hope the target is not on my back. >> eric: bob ripped up the mask of steven chu. he's the one that should be fall guy. >> kimberly: good mask. >> eric: secretary of energy. >> kimberly: so that means we can move on. everybody is behaving well tonight. i love it. talk about money and lobbyists and is there a difference here? he is saying okay, i won't take money from the lobbyists, but bundlers have even greater access, direct access to the white house. we have some example of that. what is your take? >> eric: michael kempler is clearly a lobbyist. he didn't apply for lobbyist status, but he employs lobbyists. if you peddle influence -- bob or dana, clarify this.
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if you peddle influence for a fee, isn't that a lobbyist? who is to say you have to sign up to be a lobbyist and be recognized as a lobbyists? you are doing the same thing. >> dana: a lot of people in d.c. that work in the -- they will overcomply and register as lobbyists because the consequences and the punishment for violating that law of not being registered as lobbyist. if you do any sort of hay, you're at dinner and you say something to speaker boehner who might happen to be there. not that i did that. you could be out of compliance. it worked on chief justice roberts senate confirmation for the supreme court he had been registered by the lobbyist by a law firm. they do in a broad sense. some people overcomply. when president obama first said he wouldn't want to have lobbyists working for him i thought you might not want to say that because there are so many experience people in d.c. who want to work for the administration that may decided not to. >> bob: most law firms in washington who hire former member of congress who are not allowed to lobby their
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colleagues, number are influenced by it. it's difficult to not find somebody in washington who is one way or another is connected to the influence business. obama didn't keep 100% of what he said he would because he couldn't. but he is less reliant on lobbyists. >> eric: in 2008, he said i will not use lobbyists, i won't use lobbyists for my campaign for my white house. people probably did vote for him on that. >> dana: listen to this. >> kimberly: i'll get greg's reaction. does anyone remember president obama saying this about the lobbyists? this is 2007. take a listen. >> i am in this race. to tell corporate lobbyists their days of setting the agenda in washington are over. they have not funded my campaign. they will not work in my white house. >> kimberly: what about that? those are strong direct clear words. >> greg: i was totally confused by what he said. lobbying isn't a bad thing.
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expression of our right to petition government for grievancessism just made that up. >> bob: that was great. >> greg: thank you. it's not lobbying. it's about lying. it's funny, when you see a politician that comes out about gay rights but he's gay. that's obama. he says he hates lobbyist but he is in love with lobbying. >> tortureed metaphor? >> greg: no. he's in the closet with lying. >> bob: there is not a presidential candidate that became president that you couldn't get somebody on the campaign trail and put it up on the air and say he didn't do ma he said he would do. granted, i think obama overspoke that. he shouldn't have said what he said. in the course of the campaign, people say that. every president does. every president could be open to this. i think frankly he has done less of it than others have. i give him credit for that. >> kimberly: you brought up something moments ago that was important. you talk about the president and the campaign promises.
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he said recently about what he has done and the percentage of the campaign promises he has fulfilled. take a look at it after this. >> i keep a checklist in my drawer of my campaign promis promises. once a week i take it out, make a little check. we've got about 60% done so far. in three years. i need another five to get the other 40% done. >> greg: he is not that far off. he only promised two things. hope and change. we got the change. so that's 50%. the other 10%, he did quit smoking. >> bob: you don't know he quit smoking. >> greg: true. good point. >> kimberly: are you saying -- >> bob: i said eric has one of his sharks. -- cards. >> eric: got a check. got a check.
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>> greg: that was a great impersonation. >> kimberly: don't quit your day job. >> eric: too many checks, mr. obama. i call this obama's fuzzy math. the same math he used when he said if you give up $850 billion, in stimulus, unemployment won't go up. guess what? we didn't save jobs or create the jobs. or try to save and create jobs. fuzzy math. you have can't put your finger on it. bottom line -- >> kimberly: we have a chart here says actually, this is organization that keeps track of this. promises kept, 151. compromise, 46. promises broken, 52. we all break a promise here or there. stalled? what does stalled mean? >> bob: republicans stopped him. >> kimberly: boehner and company. 68. in the works, 189. not yet rated, two. >> bob: i'll tell you, what is right. he is about -- not yet completed in the process of being done. most of those will get done. stalled are republicans stopping them. >> eric: almost?
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>> bob: 10% of the promises were not kept. by the time it's over is 60%. not bad for somebody who is the president of the united states. >> greg: successes came from not keeping promises. the best thing he has done were broken promises like gitmo. >> eric: right. >> greg: taxes. >> kimberly: we have a quote from bill daily from political article on circumventing congress. he said you can't get it done because they're not cooperates so the democrats and the republicans made it difficult for the president to be anything like a chief executive. this led to a frustration. figure out what we can do without congress. >> bob: the more you do it, the better off we'll be. nothing will get through congress. republicans will stall anything. screw them. >> dana: maybe the white house shouldn't send up legislation even the senate democrats can't support. >> bob: what a shot! >> kimberly: that zinger. >> bob: there is a new sheriff in town. >> kimberly: all right.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> eric: welcome back to "the five." at long last, the economy grew at 2.5% over the last three months. i'll take it, but even the white house admits it's not enough. you want to talk about this? it's good news. 2.5% growth for the quarter. better than expected but not where we should be. china grows at 10-12%. we'll take it. >> bob: first, good news. the car sales are way up.
7:16 pm
thanks to obama to build american cars. >> kimberly: when will they pay back the loan? >> bob: they will work on it. it takes 3.5% growth to get one point off of unemployment. it's a long way to get the unemployment figures down. >> eric: kimberly -- >> kimberly: talk about the european market? >> eric: no. half percent growth on the back of consumer spending going up. if you break it down to where the spending came from, increased spending on healthcare. increased spending on utilities and increased spending on gasoline. not good news. >> kimberly: no, they aren't. if you look at the impact long item you want to be positive and optimistic but not overly enthusiasting about it. in terms of reaction, the european market went down. it's a fact that the euro declined against the dollar. you have to keep it in mind balancing out the equation. >> bob: first, by the way, the treasury notes the
7:17 pm
interest rates were down. >> eric: you know who is buying it? the most bizarre thing in the world. wall street occupier, capitalism and all that. you should be really mad at obama because they opened the discount window. here is what they did. given the bank the ability to go to the federal government. borrow money at zero, free and turn around and buy treasurys you're pointing out. then we, the taxpayer pay them 3% interest. so we're handing over 3% on literally hundreds of billions of -- >> dana: econ 220. [ laughter ] >> eric: all right. dana, what is your take on the growth? >> dana: we need to grow at 5% or more to catch up to where we were and do it for several years. the european situation is still unknown. the white house did it right politically. it's not good enough. that is better than what they did early on, early on in the administration they had a good week in the stock market. vice president biden said here
7:18 pm
is the obama recovery. i said you can't judge that. >> bob: exactly. the best thing they have going for them politically is low expectations. it's so bad, the last thing they need to do is pump expectations up. you for one are excited about this. aren't you? >> greg: i grew 2.5% while listening to this. >> kimberly: i can tell! >> dana: height or weight? >> greg: both ways. that was just mean, dana. a sign of the times that we have to be excited over 2.5%. we move from latvia to lithuania. i find more change in my change. >> bob: you'd be taller if you sit up. >> greg: i did. >> eric: dana sent out early this morning, piece from the "wall street journal," the op-ed. fantastic. she talked about things that, how the country is changing. things that used to keep us together starting to thin out. starting to divide us.
7:19 pm
>> dana: peggy noonan is a great person to read every week. not mired in washington, d.c. she does live up in new york. she has for many years. she writes in a way that says let me look across america and explain what is going on. often i identify with her. i know not everybody does. something interesting about that, what divides us. i think in a way the white house thinks they're trying to pull people together. her point is that while they are doing that, they have the blinders on and they don't realize they're causing a further division. whether or not it's intentional could be debated. but the outcome what she is saying better for republicans that president obama continues to -- >> bob: peggy is a great writer but what she fails to recognize here is demographics of the country are changing dramatically. number of white people are falling dramatically and around the world we're no longer the superpower. a lot of major countries -- >> eric: you like to do this and throw the numbers out.
7:20 pm
what do you mean the number of white people in the country are falling? >> bob: percentage of electorate. >> eric: it's straightforward that the white population has been pretty -- >> greg: get away from the race thing for a second. it's not about race. it's about class. when i was growing up, the rich were admired and you wanted to be rich. now we have a picture rich people owe us something. it's class warfare. there are inequalitys but it's not stat tick. you can -- static. you can move from bottom percentile and up. now we tell them you can't and it creates division. >> eric: not that they can't but tell people on many levels, occupy wall street or obama every time he has a camera millionaires and billionaires and corporate jet owners are bad. >> greg: you can't have poor people without rich people. >> kimberly: the point that american families feel like they're frozen in place. a lot of uncertainty. they don't feel optimistic about the future in terms of the economy that we can get
7:21 pm
out of this. he is trying to get the unemployment number to 9%. which is a problem for obama for the election because we're not perceived to have three quarters of perceived growth. >> bob: the bureau numbers, largest increase in minorities in this country took place in the last ten years. >> greg: that is not what they're talking about. they're talking about inequality and class. >> eric: there have always been divisions, race, class, whatnot and things that used to keep us together are thinning and cracking. >> bob: you're helping a lot. [ laughter ] >> eric: separate church at catholic university is next. i couldn't concei this as a heart attack. the doctor leaned over and said to me, "you just beat the widow-maker."
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♪ ♪ >> eric: welcome back to "the five." >> dana: a lawyer is suing the d.c. school accusing a private university of human right for having crosses and symbols on the walls of all things. the does gusting thing to me is this lawyer is a law professor and has a vendetta against catholic university. not just against the university. there is not a single muslim student that goes through university that complained about this. he made this up. >> greg: he has genned this up. he is not the only culprit. the judges that allow him to do this stuff without being disciplined ticks me off. at this point i'd like to go to a tortureed metaphor. or maybe not. maybe we'll just stare at the bucolic. torturi'm thinking having a musm
7:27 pm
prayer room is like me sitting at the five with a tv watching the situation room. >> dana: then you would be offend and i'd file a lawsuit on your behalf. >> greg: exactly. but no one is offended. the idea is idiotic. that the people ticked off. but there is nobody complaining. nobody. >> bob: give me a break for a second. >> dana: while you do, that i'll tell you what the lawyer said. he said the catholic university does not provide space that other universities do for many daily prayers the muslim students must make, forcing them to find temporarily empty classrooms where they're surrounded by catholic symbols incongruous to their religion. i saw a letter from the president of the university today to alumni that said we have not yet received a complaint, but not a single muslim student registered a
7:28 pm
complaint with university regarding the exercise of their religion on our campus don't you think students, maybe they have a lawsuit they could file against the lawyer. >> eric: you can sue anyone at any time. it's probably privous. he should be sanctioned for it and he may. but like saying i'm catholic and i want prayer room in the mosque down the street. >> kimberly: good luck, hello. law 101. this is a private catholic university. forget it. they can do what they want. >> bob: what is wrong with a room some place -- >> greg: they're not asking for it. >> bob: if they were asking for it, could you find a room without a catholic symbol in it? >> dana: not at catholic university. >> bob: if they don't have them, they don't have them, i guess. >> dana: in the muslim religion, they recognize jesus
7:29 pm
and they recognize -- [ inaudible ] but i don't understand what the problem is. >> bob: recognize he was crucifyed but there is a big distinction. >> greg: the muslim students say they enjoy going to catholic university. they have no, they've got no problems with the crucifix. this is all from -- they should sue the lawyer. >> bob: is the lawyer a muslim? dabs i don't know. >> kimberly: formal complaint is a violation of human rights. not just civil rights or a religious infringement right violation. they have no standing. >> eric: anything to do with it being a university this why can't the lawyer do what i said? >> dana: probably will. great idea. >> bob: we all agree with this. >> dana: thank you for -- thank you. in portland, a school board voted unanimously 7-0 to adopt a policy that gives antiwar counter recruiters the same access to high school students that military recruiters get.
7:30 pm
this follows over the summer there was some progress in rotc programs allowed back in to some of the liberal universities that were banned for many years. is this a good idea or not? >> greg: if they use this logic, when they have antidrug experts there, they should have drug dealers there as well. when a college recruiter comes there, have a cult leader. maybe your child wants to join a cult. or sports program, have a couch potato program. this is ridiculous, moral relativism. military recruiters are there because they offer something positive to a person's life. antiwar people are there because they don't like the military. >> bob: what is wrong with that? i mean the fact of the matter is military recruiting go in and make a pitch to these kids what they can and can't do. a lot of people go to the military and do not come out of the other end with a lot of jobs, right? why not have an opportunity to go in and say that we don't support particularly -- >> greg: ideological thing. political thing. the military isn't political. antiwar person, that is a political stance. right? >> eric: that is
7:31 pm
unbelievable. i can't believe you support. >> bob: absolutely. >> eric: how many times, my son comes home and says you know what? a cop came from the local police station. >> greg: i'm a criminal! drugs are great! >> eric: the alternate lifestyle. >> bob: that is a lot different -- >> dana: if it's sanctioned, though, because there are informal ways that towns or military people can get in the school, if it's more sanctioned and in the open, do you think it's better? >> kimberly: personally, i don't. i agree with greg. this isn't a political statement they're making. they're providing opportunity for people otherwise that might not have it. if they want to serve and join military and reap benefit of it. there are g.i. bills and positive things that come out of the military recruitment. it don't think there is a problem whatsoever. >> dana: we're going to give her the last word. we have to go. get to you. next on "the five," tea partiers had to pay thousands to hold rallies in richmond, virginia, but occupy wall streeters are camping in the same spot for free. so tea party wants their money
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live from america's news headquarters i'm marianne rafferty. a massive snowstorm moving up the east coast turns deadly. there are reports of storm elated deaths at this hour. one in connecticut and two more in pennsylvania and massachusetts. this unusual october storm knock out electricity to nearly 2 million homes. new york, new jersey, connecticut and massachusetts now in states of emergency and trains in at a stand still in many parts. airports nationwide reporting hours of delays. police in denver arresting supporters of the occupy wall street movement tonight. they tried to advance up the
7:37 pm
steps of the colorado state capitol. after the clash, several demonstrators moved across the street to a park. police are arresting any one refusing to leave the scene. i'm marianne rafferty. now, back to "the five." tern i. now back to new york and "the five." ♪ ♪ >> greg: remember when michaelmore said cops should join the occupy wall streeters? that's stupid. they don't see eye-to-eye. it's fist to eye. so many police have been injured at the protest, the new york police officers union is threatening to sue the pants off the protesters. of course if they're still wearing them. so far, over 20 officers have been hurt. a figure that will only rise if they do nothing beyond
7:38 pm
sensing frustration in the diapers. turn about isn't just fair play. it's fair awesome. especially when they plan to get the police to react on film to ro mantize the movement. what does it tell you when people at the protest the most, ie the cos want to sue? that they realize gatherings, destructive mix of the homeless, criminal, the left wing agitators, perps, drug dealers, aging anarchist with hygiene issues and misguided grad students mad at daddy. it's just another day at bob's house. >> bob: funny. >> greg: if all else fails make a joke about bob. you the lawyer here. i never heard of this. >> kimberly: this is not common it's utilized but doesn't it seem like it's warranted and appropriate? there are 20 injured now at
7:39 pm
occupy wall street. it's a felony. you have don't have a right to beat up a police officer. >> greg: they get arrested. then you sue them. i didn't know that. >> kimberly: if i charge you with a felony and i'm a cop and you beat me up and i'm injured, i'm just trying to do my job. are you able to break my arm or punch me in the face? >> greg: i thought unions were arm in arm with protesters. >> bob: since we weren't going to discuss this. let me talk about the big news of the day. first gambling casino opened up in queens today. video slots and not tables yet. >> greg: a bob beckel fox news alert. >> bob: that's right. everybody head to queens. if i were going to be in the city i'd be there tonight. >> greg: in richmond, tea party is demanding a refund of $10,000 because they paid permit to hold rally. occupy protesters just occupy. they don't have to pay anything. >> dana: the article i read,
7:40 pm
mayor's office still hasn't replied because they have a fair point. i don't think that the tea party should get a refund. because it does cost the city money to clean up, up after the protest and organize it and everything. but i think occupy wall street should be assessed as anyone else. >> eric: can't you assess them the full amount? >> greg: who do you asess in >> eric: if they are putting together funds -- they are putting together funds. they have to assume they have to -- >> kimberly: they have money in the bank. what are you talk about? >> eric: tax forms and whatnot. >> kimberly: i get it. >> dana: association that has taken up the cause from a pro-bow know perspective and they filed the paperwork. >> bob: this is going to a car dealership. you get a better deal one week than you did the week before. so what? they didn't get a better deal. plus they use professional sound system and more things than the -- >> greg: they were adults.
7:41 pm
>> bob: they are adults. about 85, 86 years old. >> kimberly: political favoritism. one is disorganized and the other is different and treat them differently. it's legal protection issue. charge both. >> dana: we'll see what happens in occupy wall street. >> greg: they will be occupied somewhere else, i imagine. coming up, reports of campaign chaos o cain train. first, communication director left and now long-time aid to presidential candidate herman cain is calling it quits as well. we have the latest next on "the five." ♪ ♪ the 3.6-liter v6 engine of the jeep grand cherokee has a best-in-class driving range of more than 540 miles per tank. so you can catch morning tee time in monterey
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♪ ♪ >> bob: all right, well, i'm trying to work my way back up. in the "e" block this week. i'm going to get to "d" next week. he made more money, but now the campaign is pulling back. they want to slow down.
7:46 pm
the cain train before he moves from first to last place in the g.o.p. presidential race. let me make one point about this presidential campaign manager. you don't slow down. six weeks before the con -- six months before the contest. you generally spend time in the state with the first contest, iowa. last time he was there was the ames straw poll. now he is around the south to moting his book. the campaign guy is a strange boy. nice guy but he's strange. there is rule now that said you can't talk to the candidate if you an aide in the car unless he talks to you first. first, i would have been shot if i did that in my campaign. i don't get it. >> greg: dana told me that when we first started the show i wasn't allowed to do that. >> dana: to talk to me? >> greg: yes. people are saying cain is chaos behind the scenes.
7:47 pm
that's what chaos is supposed to be. unlike the way bob lives his life, where you see the chaos unfold daily in the open chaos is behind the scene in every part of your life. what is the big deal? >> kimberly: look at our commercial break. >> greg: i know! >> eric: part of the problem is that herman cain is trying to make his mark here. voter suppression, dui -- >> greg: you wouldn't guess it from the commercial. >> eric: i'm surprised you didn't bring it up. >> bob: i'm talking to the producers. i can't talk to you. >> dana: wipe your nose. >> bob: no problem. [ laughter ] >> greg: another point. it read this story and they said herman cain, they don't even have the bumper stickers.
7:48 pm
presidential candidate who doesn't have bumper stickers. makes him the greatest candidate ever. the anti-obama. >> dana: a sign of the not having bumper sticks ors is sign of not wasting money. >> greg: you're right. >> bob: it's possible they didn't realize they'd have this success. there might be chaos behind the scene. the spokes penn quote was good. yeah, look, we'll take it, make sure to get some rest. >> eric: you trash rick perry for saying he might not make all debates. >> kimberly: bob, let me say something about this. this is ridiculous. they are nitpicking herman cain because he has their attention and the front runner. nobody expect him to be going this strong. still moving forward at this point. they disavowed the statement. bunch of anonymous sources from the "new york times" in
7:49 pm
one article. he should be in iowa and better organization. >> dana: the "new york times" said the same thing about romney. it was about romney trying to calm the chaos in his campaign. every campaign behind the scenes. the romney campaign is disciplined. >> bob: my campaigns were always tightly run and right on track. >> greg: you don't remember your campaigns, bob. there is chaos in every campaign. here is fact the size of them and what they have to get done. out doesn't mean you slow down 60 days out. >> kimberly: he is polling well in iowa, by the way. >> bob: voter suppression techniques is when you send letters from the i.r.s. in black community and say if you vote in the wrong mace -- >> eric: or come out and
7:50 pm
vote on thursday. >> greg: voter sepresentation is at my house is something good is on tv. stay home, you don't vote. >> bob: go ahead. >> dana: hillary clinton is leading in this new "time" magazine poll. jimenez is interesting because hillary versus mitt romney if the -- hirl -- >> kimberly: this is interesting. hillary versus mitt romney. and hmm. >> dana: a lot of democrats now they will say to you oh, well, you know, i was always for hillary clinton. >> greg: why are we doing this now? she is not running. who is behind this? >> dana: she has been insulated from talking about the domestic policy issues in the last three years. >> kimberly: her favorability rating is higher than obama. >> eric: would obama switch out hillary with biden? >> bob: he could but he won't do that. i don't know why they'd do
7:51 pm
this. it's past filing deadlines. she is not going to run. maybe she will run in 2016 after obama sends a second term. >> kimberly: biden wants to run in 2016. >> eric: s -- >> bob: so everybody will be 75. >> greg: why did time do that? a gift to hillary? >> bob: probably. it shows how weak the republican candidates are. >> greg: how does that happen? >> bob: weak. we control the other media. >> eric: fox polling the fox viewers who would win bill o'reilly or barack obama? what do you think it would be? >> bob: barack obama. i don't know. sure, o'reilly would win. >> dana: that is as relevant as talking about hillary. >> bob: right. if it's me versus you, you'd beat me up 3 to 1. maybe 4 to 1. coming up on "the five" -- was that salmon last night or halibut? there is something fishy about
7:52 pm
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>> kimberly: if you are thinking of having tilapia for dinner, be warned. fifth of the seafood sold in super market is mislabeled. so you think you're having sea bass. you're not. anybody upset? you don't like fish. >> greg: i don't eat fish. the sea is a giant toilet. >> kimberly: that is a negative thing. >> dana: i have a really big problem with the -- i know people will say it's not a problem. over fishing. how can you go to every restaurant in the world and they have fresh fish. i mean, that doesn't -- it does not seem possible. i think this is probably -- >> kimberly: my gosh. >> bob: it's the japanese. they're huge fish people. i don't eat fish either. the only fish i used to eat --
7:57 pm
>> dana: help him. >> eric: i love baseball. >> bob: i don't eat fish because fish sticks when i was in public school because the catholic kids we had to do it on friday. >> kimberly: now you blame catholics. avenue your near death experience -- >> bob: that's why i don't eat shrimp anymore. >> kimberly: batter up. did anyone watch game six of the world series? amazing game. one of the best ever. two times it looked like they were out of it. they came down to the second strike. they battled back. i mean, who even missed this game last night? >> greg: i missed it. >> bob: we have a professional baseball player here. >> kimberly: boll boll. >> bob: boll boll. ladies and gentlemen, here it is -- eric bolling. ladies and gentlemen, this is it. ready. let's go. >> kimberly: batter up. >> bob: oh. out of here! that's it. he did. >> kimberly: did not hit the ball at me like you're going to break my nose. >> greg: i was watching the
7:58 pm
real world series, project runway finale where victor lost and anyo won and it's an outrage. >> dana: you think she was cheating? >> greg: i don't know it for a fact. victor is short. it's more important than the world series. project runway. >> bob: what was your best batting average in >> kimberly: game seven tonight on fox network. big fox. going to be amazing. go out after. >> eric: push .300 doing good job. >> bob: yours? >> dana: today is the 125th version of liberty. web cam were mounted to give you views you've never seen before. >> kimberly: it's very cool. check it out. >> dana: that is so neat. my friends tried to visit the statue of liberty last week and the line was so long they couldn't get in. now they have the web cam. >> bob: what is so cool -- >> greg: tourists don't go for the web cam. >> kimberly: you can get them. they have unbelievable views nobody has been able to see
7:59 pm
before. it's quite interesting. bob, you might want to grab one. >> greg: this is one woman who won't leave you. >> bob: that is true. good point. >> dana: open arms. >> bob: i'm particularly right for that. how does it go? you're weak, you're lame, that's me. jimenez is historical. >> bob: this is great! >> kimberly: governor's island. >> they can do occupy wall street. >> kimberly: perfect. >> bob: anarchists and communists. hit again? let's go. >> kimberly: see the freedom tower. >> bob: mr. bolling. >> greg: i love the effort you're putting in this segment. >> kimberly: thank you. >> dana: kimberly -- >> ready! >> bob: oh! almost got me, boy. not quite. >> kimberly: the inmates escaped from the asylum.


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